How Operation H.O.P.E. medical & dental clinics is making a difference in our community!

Operation H.O.P.E. medical and dental clinics are excited to be apart of a city-wide event that is bringing over 50 organization together at the Cashman field for the purpose of helping the homeless.  This year, Operation H.O.P.E., Inc is helping to lead the way for this event by providing a much-needed medical and dental team for people that don’t have insurance and are low-income.

This is a great opportunity for people in our community to see the variety of services for the poor available in the Southern Nevada area.  From this one day event; individuals, youth and families who are in desperate need will be able to connect with and receive necessary services through out the entire year.  This is why our Operation H.O.P.E. clinics are a vital need in our community for people who can not afford health insurance and are in need of a dentist or medical physician.

Recently at our H.O.P.E. medical clinic site, I met a retired elderly couple who had some serious health issues. The husband said that he is a diabetic that normally needs 5 insulin shots per day.  However; because  of the lack of income, he is not able to afford his insulin shots and has not had an insulin injection for the last 2 months.These are normal people who have worked their whole lives in our community, but they are at place in their life that they just can’t afford good medical care.  The look of relief on their faces when they walked into the clinic and realized that they would not need to pay to see a doctor was priceless.   Our Prescription Assistance Program is another exciting way that we are providing qualified participants with an opportunity to receive free medications.  Call 702-952-9564 for more details.

The friendly smiles and the many ‘thank you’s’  from the patients at our medical clinics are some of the simple things to remind our medical/dental professionals, staff and volunteers that what they are providing for this community will last for a lifetime and beyond.  Our ‘pay it forward’ philosophy gives the patient an opportunity to do something good for someone else after they have been helped at our one of our clinics.  The patient is encouraged to do something good for someone in else within a 30 day period after being seen by one of our doctors.  They can then write a brief story of what they did and send the story back to us.  We are asking our community of medical care professionals to join our team and volunteer a little portion of your time and expertise at one of our clinics.

When you help an person who has a legitimate need there is a sense of joy and satisfaction that will just energize your spirit. At the end of the day you as the volunteer will be saying, ‘It feels really good to help give back into my community’!  Please call us if you would like to give some of your time, talent and ability at one of our H.O.P.E.medical & dental clinics.

PROJECT HOMELESS CONNECT 2011 is going to be an exciting event that needs many volunteers to help make this event a success.  If you would like to join our Operation H.O.P.E team please contact me at The services that will be available at this event will include: social services; housing and shelter; courts and legal assistance; behavioral heath; health care including medical, dental & vision; employment; youth and family assistance; veterans assistance; transportation and food.

Other volunteer opportunities include maintenance assistants, escorts, line supervisors, food servers, giveaway assistants, etc. As an escort, you get a tour of the facility (and a map) and then you guide the guests around; helping them find the services they are looking for and making sure they have everything that they need. click on the below link to volunteer:

500 hundred volunteer are needed to make this event as successful as possible! You can expect to see the event on the news in the evening when you get home and you will probably run into many city officials while you are there, including our mayor.  On the day of the event there is a  volunteer rally at 7:45am.  The doors to homeless and at risk are at 9am. Las Vegas Metro police is in full force to ensure everyone’s safety at the event.  It may not be appropriate to bring kids to this event.

Stay tuned for more exciting news at OPERATION H.O.P.E. INC


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