We did it! On November 9, 2011 over 170 homeless patients seen in 7 hours by our Hope medical & dental team. This was a history making day for our team of doctors at this years ‘Project Homeless Connect’ event held at the Cashman Field Center in Las Vegas, NV. The Operation H.O.P.E. dream team ‘stepped up’ to serve and provided medical and dental services to a population of our city that is many times forgotten by society however; They have not been forgotten by the President and Founder of Operation H.O.P.E. Inc., Dr. Elliot Shin.

The amazing ‘Dream’ team during our PHC event at Cashman field Center on November 9, 2011. Starting from the far right of the picture is Dr. Esmaili, Jeff-PA Intern, Dr. Charlie Wang, Dr. Elliot Shin, UNLV nursing students(center), Dr. David Ting(left), and dental hygienist Elena.

Dr. Elliot’s passion for these individuals and families has given him an opportunity to provide a service that is filling a critical need for people that are sick and in need of medical and or dental attention. Now Dr. Elliot is raising up a team of medical & dental professionals, nurses, interns, medical students and volunteers who are excited about being apart of this amazing teamwork that is truly making the dream-work!

The Hope medical and dental clinic is expanding its services to our community and since it’s ‘birth’ in 2009 over 700 non-insured and low income patients have been served through our Medical and dental clinics.. The clinic provides these types of services at no financial charge to these patient however; patients seen at our clinics are expected to ‘pay it forward’ by doing something good for someone else in the community. The patient must write what they did and send it back to Operation H.O.P.E., Inc within 30 days of their visit. This ‘pay it forward’ approach helps to eliminate the idea of a person trying to take advantage of ‘Free’ services. It gives the person receiving our help a sense of responsibility and dignity to give back to their community.

We have some of the most amazing stories that come from those served such as this one (unedited) :

Hi my name is H.E. I was seen by Dr. Shin on 5-4-11 because (of) an allergic reaction and I’m very thankful because I don’t have insurance. Is really a blessing to receive help from somebody like Dr. Shin. I had help or volunteer at Calvary Downtown ministries as well as City Impact Center on Saturdays to prepare for homeless people food and drink. All I can says is thanks. God bless everyone at this Clinic. We Love U. H.E.

Our current list of health care professionals who give of their time and skills for Operation H.O.P.E., Inc include:

       Medical Doctors/Specialists

  • Elliot Shin, M.D.
  • Charlie Wang, M.D.
  • Kalpana Reddy, M.D.
  • Ali Esmaili, M.D.
  • Dr. Kristi Kaminsky, DPM Podiatrist.
  • Rick O’Bringer, PA
  • Dentists involved:
  • David Ting, D.M.D.
  • Jonathan Pak, D.M.D.
  • Jennifer Wu, D.M.D.
  • Tiffany Wang, NP
  • Lori Straub, NP
  • Bonnie Taylor, MA
  • Susan Hibbs Sundem, RN
  • Kari Deaton, RN
         Medical/Dental student Interns
  • Medical/PA Interns from Touro University
  • Nursing students from UNLV Nursing School
  • Interns from Health Care Preparatory Institute
We will continue to update the list as more health care professional join the team.
If you are a health care professional and you would like to be apart of something that truly is having an impact on our community please call, visit email or fill out this form:

More stories and updates to come. Stay connected with Operation H.O.P.E., Inc. by clicking the ‘subscribe’ button on this blog.


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