2012 a year of H.O.P.E. FOR OUR COMMUNITY!

What an incredible 2011 year was for Operation H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everywhere) Inc.  We thank God and all the beautiful people involved for all the great things that have happened with this organization in the past year, but we are so excited for the new things to come in 2012.

2012, a year of H.O.P.E. for our community!

Together we can celebrate as a team with those who have generously given of their time, talents, resource, prayers and unconditional love.  I am talking about those of you who have given of your finances by donating to this cause as well as the incredible volunteer leadership team of doctors, dentists, nurses, clinic manager, patient advocates, department directors, re-entry mentors, youth mentors, administrative help and all the participants involved with the various projects of Operation H.O.P.E., Inc.

We are now entering 2012 with a vision of impacting our community double the amount of people from last year.  The care and services of this organization has gone to the next level and we are now reaching and helping thousands of people in the Las Vegas community and in other parts of the world such as 300 orphans in Cambodia and Vietnam.  Our Operation H.O.P.E., Inc ambassador Rick O’bringer recently returned from an overseas trip to an orphanage in need of medical and dental care for over 300 orphans.

Consider our HOPE medical and dental clinics here in Las Vegas that has now seen over 1,100 patients in need of medical and or dental care.  This year we plan to double and maybe triple our impact as we anticipate helping 3,000+patients just through our medical and dental clinics. Our current list of health care professionals who give of their time and skills for Operation H.O.P.E., Inc include:

Medical Doctors/Specialists: Elliot Shin, M.D. Charlie Wang, M.D. Kalpana Reddy, M.D. Ali Esmaili, M.D. Dr. Kristi Kaminsky, DPM Podiatrist. Rick OBringer, PA Dentists involved: David Ting, D.M.D. Jonathan Pak, D.M.D. Jennifer Wu, D.M.D.

Nurses: Tiffany Wang, NP Lori Straub, NP Bonnie Taylor, MA Susan Hibbs Sundem, RN Kari Deaton, RN

Medical/Dental student Interns Medical/PA Interns from Touro University Nursing students from UNLV Nursing School Interns from Health Care Preparatory Institute

Our Hope medical and dental clinic is starting to make a significant impact within our community and the word is spreading fast.

Starting the new year off right with Channel 8 news reporter Michelle Mortensen who helped to get the message H.O.P.E. to our community.  The 8 news now morning show with real stories and interview with Operation H.O.P.E., Inc founder Dr. Elliot Shin was a great success.  Since this news aired we began to be overwhelmed with many more phones calls, emails our website and Facebook page began to get hundreds of hits and best of all the patients at our medical and dental clinic has nearly doubled.

It’s sometimes heartbreaking to hear the stories and the needs of the people specifically the elderly in our community who have no insurance hardly any income and are in desperate need of a doctor.  The sound of hope and relief in their voices can be heard as they realize that now there is H.O.P.E. that a doctor can see them and that they will not be charged a monetary amount but a simple ‘pay forward’ gesture of helping others just as we have helped them.

The impact that is bringing transformation in our city one life at a time is happening at very special places that have been provided by the faith-based community such as ICLV, Trinity Life Center and the City Impact Center. The challenge of reaching out and helping thousands of people from youth age to senior age has been a true blessing as we continue to see the dream unfold right before our very eyes.  We could truly say that we ended the 2011 year with a successful finish and we are now ready for the new year 2012.  This will be the year that Operation H.O.P.E., Inc is going to the next level of giving and helping those who are many times forgotten and looked over by our society.  I urge you to consider being apart of this team by giving of your time, talents, resources, prayer and most of all your love.  More news to come as we see more H.O.P.E. in the coming weeks, months and years!


2 thoughts on “2012 a year of H.O.P.E. FOR OUR COMMUNITY!

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