Million dollar dreams in the making!!!

When you have a dream of helping millions of people with a simple solution called love and practical service, you can for sure count on millions of dollars to follow behind you to see that the dream is accomplished.  This is exactly what Operation H.O.P.E, Inc is now experiencing and it can be simply described as a ‘WOW’ moment in the history books of our organization.  It’s beautiful people like Alden Crowley founder of Another Joy Foundation who come along side those serving in the community with a huge bucket of water to bring a refreshing touch to help you continue you on in the journey of helping others.  Well this huge bucket of ‘water’ called medical supplies and medicine worth approximately 18 million dollars arrived early Monday morning on February 28, 2011!  Here are some of the pictures of us unloading the medicines and medical supplies.

Picture from left to right; Johnny Morales, Dr.Elliot Shin, Alden Crowley, Kylie and Naomi Crowley.


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