We are excited about the renovation of our new HOPE medical and dental clinic that is almost completed.  This has been many months in the making and we are so thankful for the kind donations of volunteer workers and donors who have helped this project become a reality.  I’ve included some pictures of the outside of the clinic.

Hope Medical and Dental Clinic

We have put together a list of items that will be needed to equip our new and existing clinics:

  • Matching office furniture for the waiting room and reception area.  Office files, patient room chairs, exam room stools, & dental stools
  • Office computers, phones, files, and book shelf.
  • Dental hand-piece equipment, dental patient chairs, digital imaging equipment, dental vacuum pumps, compressors, dental operatories, autoclaves and sterilizers, dental lab equipment, office management systems, film processors, dental lights, and any other dental equipment and supplies.
  • Medical equipment to include: Diagnostic equipment, testing equipment, Blood pressure devices/supplies, Ultra sound, Wound care Items such as; Gloves (sterile & clean), First aid antibiotic ointment, Sterile and non-sterile gauze, Gauze rolls (kerlix), Band-Aids (all sizes), Sterile Q-tips, Hydrogen Peroxide, Betadine solution, Ortho / Rehabilitation Items such as; Elastic ace bandage in 3”or 4” width, Braces for back, knee, ankle, wrist, elbow, and shoulder slings, Splints (extremity), Crutches (child and adult), Moleskin, Thermometers (oral, tympanic and rectal), Miscellaneous Hand sanitizer / wipes, Carbineer clips, Drug resource medical book, Disposable cloths for cleaning, Duct tape, Oral care kits, Medication scored /spoon dispensers, Med cups (30ml’s), Plastic medication pill bags 2×3 & 3×5, Tape measures, Pen lights, Ear wax removal kit, Tongue depressors, Batteries (all sizes), Alcohol prep pads, Baby wipes (unscented preferred), Plastic zip-lock bags (quart &gallon),  Clip boards (10), Small head lights /portable lights/flash lights, Kleenex (small packs), Diapers (infant and adult), Mosquito nets, Blank labels, Small bars of soap, Flip flop sandals (all sizes), Water purifiers (portable bottle filers), Tooth brushes / tooth paste /floss,  Disposable hot & cold packs, Large plastic tarps, Stickers for children, Plastic pans for procedure use, Large and small trash bags.

Please click on this link to donate online:!__donate

If you know of other medical and dental facilities willing to donate some of these items please feel free to contact us at or call our main line at 702-952-9564.

More updates coming soon…..


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