HOPE News and Updates!

We have some really exciting news and updates on the progress of Operation H.O.P.E., Inc. Since the birth of this amazing organization in 2009 we have had the  opportunity for reaching thousands of individual lives through the different unique projects that focuses on loving and helping  hurting youth, adults and families in our community.

Hope medical and dental dream team

One of our main projects has been our HOPE Medical & Dental Clinics which provides health care services for the low-income, uninsured and homeless population in our community.  Dr. Elliot Shin (M.D.) founder of Operation H.O.P.E., Inc. has led the charge for the medical community recruiting compassionate volunteer health care professionals for this unique and much-needed service in our community. Below are pictures of our compassionate professional health care volunteers in action: Dr. Todd Jackson Leading the way for Nevada’s first ‘no cost” Hope Ophthalmology Clinic for the homeless, low-income and uninsured.

Dr. Todd Jackson Hope Ophthalmology service

Since the beginning of our Hope Medical and Dental Clinics we have served over 3,000 patients.  There are thousands of people in our community who are in-need of medical/dental care but simply can not afford it.  Many suffer with physical pain for long periods of time simply because they don’t have insurance and can not afford a basic doctor’s visit.

Current Hope Medical Clinic

Nevada’s first Hope Podiatry clinic for the homeless

This has been possible because of the incredible and compassionate volunteer board certified medical health professionals, nurses, patient advocates and loving assistance who have given of their time, talent and skill to help those in real need.  The “pay-it-forward” letters that patients write and send back to us, keeps us encouraged and reminded of how these services are really changing lives for the better.

Hope Medical Clinic operated by compassionate health care volunteers

Pay it forward stories of patients who have been changed.

We are working on finishing our new medical and dental clinic facility that will be the first of its kind in Nevada to have a no cost medical clinic that provides medical, dental, and specialty medical care all under the same roof and facility.  Currently we have Nevada’s first Homeless “no-cost” Podiatry Clinic, Ophthalmology clinic, OB/GYN, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Dental, and General medical care services. We are about 30 days from completing this project! We would love for you to be apart of this dream by your kind and generous financial gift.  You can also invest in this dream by supporting us with a monthly financial gift of 20.00 per month.  You can click on this link to give on-line simple and safely.  http://www.operationhopeinc.com/#!__donate

Below are pictures of the new clinic make over 🙂

Stay tuned for some more exciting HOPE updates and news!!!!


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