TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More:)

We want to highlight some of the most compassionate and powerful volunteer Patient Advocates who are helping to bring such great heavenly inspiration to our hope patients.  Our Patient Advocates continue to serve in a humble capacity with our clinic making a positive impact on our patients.   They serve at the Hope clinic on weekly basis bringing that needed comfort and support and simple prayer for hope patients.

Deborah,                               Victoria               Marilyn                    Jan

When patients walk into our clinic they will be greeted by a smiling volunteer who are sincerely glad to see them.    Our patient advocates will talk with our hope patients as well as be a person who will listen to their story.  Many times patients come into our clinics with more than a physical need.  Other needs include financial, emotional, parental, counseling or even spiritual needs that arise.

Our patient advocates can help to direct patients to the right resources that are in the community but are unknown to our patients.  We recently had a single mother who came to visit our clinic for a physical need, but in the process of talking and listening to this patient there was need for family counseling.  We were able to direct her to the right counseling center that was able to schedule an appointment for her to receive help for a need beyond a medical need.

Being a team player along with other community organizations is the key for helping people in all areas of their life.  There are many organizations in our communities such as the City Impact Center that are helping in practical ways such as feeding the poor or providing after school care for inner city children however, there are many times when patients are unaware or don’t know were to get help.  Our Patient Advocates also serve as a liaison helping to link patients with the right resource solution for their specific needs.  This fits in line with our vision in providing a comprehensive road map to transformation wholeness for our patients. (See our link

More stories to come…..


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