From the Operation H.O.P.E Inc family to yours we are wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013.  Another amazing year has come and gone.  We are so grateful for the opportunity through the loving hands of volunteer health care professionals, volunteer nurses, patient advocates, and with amazing partnerships such as; the Trinity Life Center, ICLV Wellness Center, the City Impact Center and many other local organizations in our community.

Hope Flyerfinal_page2_image5

Since the start of the HOPE medical and dental clinic in 2009, we have been able to help close to 5,000 patients who are low income, uninsured or homeless.  We are looking forward to another amazing year of growth and expansion of Helping Other People Everywhere.  We appreciate the impact that our subsidiary partners such as the Cup Cake Girls (www.thecupcakegirls.org) and the Bighorn Football program (www.bighornfootball.com) which is reaching and mentoring hundreds more of  youth and adults through hearts of love.

cup girls


We also want to thank one of our board member Rick O’Bringer for leading the way as he is flying across the skies as an Operation HOPE ambassador with medical care for orphans in Vietnam and Cambodia.   It’s a blessing to know that we are spreading the action of HOPE across the world.

operation hope mission

There are so many people that we really want to acknowledge for their labor of God’s love in the HOPE medical clinic such as Marilyn Peters our clinic manager who gives her heart, time and talent to ensure that things run smooth for all of our volunteer health care professionals as well lead our patient advocates who lovingly serve with their hearts of compassion and power of prayer.

Operation Hope PA

Thanks to Dr. Kalpana Reddy our medical director who has given countless of hours of her time, skill and love.  We want to thank Jeff Brown who serves along with our HOPE clinic helping our patients who can’t pay for medication  obtain free medication.  We want to thank Dr. Todd Jackson, Dr. Aaron Amacher and their assistant Jason who are giving their time and skill to help with vision care.  We thank Dr. Kristi Kaminsky and her assistant Leslie who give of their time and skill to provide foot care for the homeless.

hope medical clinic team

We also thank Dr. Samuel Wise whose generous donation of office equipment, medical  equipment, supplies, computers, furniture and much more helped to equip our new hope medical and dental clinic.  We are in need of financial donations in order for us to move forward to open our new clinic. We will be able to increase our service as an urgent care, specialty care and as a dental clinic. Currently our goal is to raise a minimum of  42,000.00 which will allow us to operate our new clinic for the next 12 months. Currently our volunteer health care professionals have given back to the community by providing their services at no cost which would total at more than 500,000 dollars worth of their skills, time and services.

Hope Medical and Dental Clinic

The New Hope Medical, Specialty and Dental Clinic

Hope clinic 8

Hope clinic 13

Hope Clinic 3

Hope clinic room

We would love to have you apart of this dream team and help lead the way for making a difference in the lives so many hurting youth and families.   We Love you and appreciate each one of you and we pray for you to have an amazing, blessed and prosperous new year 2013. On behalf of Dr. Elliot Shin and the board of directors we wish you a HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!

Here is our new released video for the amazing work that is going on through our HOPE medical and dental clinic.  Please share this with friends and those who would be interested in joining our dream team of volunteer health care professionals or who would want to financially support this great cause in the new year 2013.  Watch the video by Clicking on the below picture link.

Dr. Elliot Shin (MD) Founder and President



Become a Champion for Change by becoming one of our Hope Heroes

Hope Flyerfinal_page2


Johnny Morales




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