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Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) — There are thousands of people in Las Vegas who don’t have health insurance. But there is one place you can go for medical care that won’t take your money. Instead, patients pay with acts of kindness…. Recently Beth Fisher a local news report for Channel 13 Action News highlighted our clinic as something she has never experienced or every heard of  before.

Operation-HOPE city life magazine picture

Dr. Elliot Shin and the entire Hope volunteer team are so excited about the thousands of patients who have been helped within the last 2 years and we are more excited about the thousands of patients who will be helped in the coming years.  Your love, prayers, volunteerism and financial support is what continues to drive this compassionate based organization.

The loving volunteer healthcare providers who give of their time and talent on a weekly basis is the life blood of what we do.  Each week letters from our pay it forward program continually flood our clinic giving the staff and volunteers a boost of encouragement by letting us know how this is truly making a difference one patient at a time.  Below is an example letter we recently received:

pay it forward picts

“My appointment at Operation Hope last month changed my life. I am so thankful for the medical care I received as well as being treated with kindness from the clinic staff. The one thing that was life changing to me was when the Dr. was explaining the “pay it forward program” and he mentioned that “our lives are valuable”! This really stuck with me, because for many years I have not taken care of myself… i am very good about helping everyone around me, but for some reason, i just didn’t matter to me! The comment he made about our lives having value, really spoke to my heart. I see life and myself a little different now!”:)~ Hope Patient

Coming soon…YEAH!!! We are just about ready to open up our new renovated Hope clinic which will be our medical, dental and specialty clinic.  Our goal of reaching our 40,000.00 budget needs for 2013 can be met by the loving donations of all those individuals and business who believe in this cause.

Hope Medical and Dental Clinic

Hope Medical and Dental Clinic

This year operation Operation H.O.P.E. Inc is participating in NEVADA’S BIG GIVE IN APRIL 2013.


Make the dream a reality by a simply click of love:


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