Touched by Angels of HOPE!

Angels have been around for thousands of years and have been involved in our daily lives with out us sometimes realizing it.  Angels are not seen until they want to be seen and angels have a way of disguising themselves in many ways such as: An elderly person in need of a kind hug and a warm smile, a homeless beggar on the side of the rode or a simple stranger who asks you for simple directions.

Hope angelsHowever; If you want to see angels face to face and have a heart to heart encounter with them, simple walk into a place that may seem to be a place that is insignificant, un-glamorous, hard to find and is in a poverty-stricken neighborhood.  That’s right, it’s called HOPE Medical Clinic! Just come and see!

When you come into the hope clinic you will not be overwhelmed with satisfaction by the broken down shutters, the faded sign, the broken down couch nor the very tight space however; you will suddenly be filled with an incredible feeling of peace and unconditional love that makes you feel that you’re accepted, loved and cared for no matter who you are or what you have done or have not done.  It is the place that is considered to be a little bit of heaven on earth!

Hope angls 2Our HOPE clinic is where you will find some of the most beautiful  angels usually dressed in scrubs with a warm smile on their face and a glow in  their eyes that radiates from their compassionate hearts.   That’s right I’m talking about our compassionate professional health care workers, patient advocates  nurses, dentists, assistants also known as HOPE ANGELS!!!

Hope angels 3

Are you ready to be an answer to a patient’s prayer? These are the patients who can not afford insurance nor pay the fee for a  doctor’s visit, but instead; they may be suffering in silence with lots of pain, or may be a person in need of medicine but can’t afford to pay for it.   It could be a patient in need of insulin and needs assistance from our prescription assistant program to help get medicine for them at no cost!

Become one of the Hope Angels by volunteering just a few hours of your time per month just click on this picture and begin the process of joining our volunteer team of compassionate health care professionals who give hope one patient at a time:)



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