What an incredible 2013 for Operation H.O.P.E. Inc!

As we end 2013 and Operation H.O.P.E. Inc reflects and reviews on the positive impact of how our HOPE dream teams have  made an impact in our community; We are truly GRATEFUL!!! 🙂  Through the amazing efforts and volunteer leadership of the H.O.P.E  dream teams thousands upon thousands of lives have been truly touched and have been helped.  H.O.P.E stands for HELPING OTHER PEOPLE EVERYWHERE and we are  so excited and thankful that we are actually fulfilling the mission and vision of this amazing organization.

Photo: http://lasvegascitylife.com/sections/news/clinic-provides-free-medical-care-exchange-three-good-deeds.html#.UPOMiwF2pFc.facebook

Hope Volunteers like Rodilyn, Cyndee and Boniface make the hope dream possible:)

We are thankful for News 13 anchor Beth Fisher who has done such  a wonderful job in helping to spread the good news of H.O.P.E all across Las Vegas, NV. including the recent news clip of how H.O.P.E is bringing sight to the blind!!! 🙂 Click on this link to view the news article:

 We are truly thankful for all the amazing volunteer healthcare professionals, patient advocates, hope ambassadors, board members, and many others who are working both on the front lines and behind the scenes to make this dream a reality for thousands of people in need in our community.  WE LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE YOU!!! 🙂


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