Helping Other People Everywhere by CEO Johnny Morales

Johnny Morales

Dear friends,

First of all, I want to thank the president and founder of Operation H.O.P.E., Inc. Dr. Elliot Shin (M.D.) for his global vision and leadership of this great organization.  Together, we are reaching out and Helping Other People Everywhere.  As a native of Las Vegas, NV I have been involved in direct care services for the poor and destitute  for the past 25 years working with both youth and adults.  It is a true blessing to be apart of an organization that is providing comprehensive solutions for the needs within our society such as:  

  • Medical and Dental Care:  Through our HOPE medical & dental clinics we are providing a no cost (‘pay it forward’) clinics for  the low-income, un-insured and homeless population of our community: We have a team of board certified doctors, dentist, nurses, interns, and patient advocates providing quality care for thousands of patients in our community.

Compassionate volunteer health care professionals, nurses and patient advocates giving HOPE, one patient at time

  • Youth Leadership for inner city and “at-risk” yout: Through our HOPE for youth projects we are providing mentorship, leadership development, life-skills, mentorship and local collaborations with local youth agencies, non-profits and the family courts, Courts Catalyzing Change initiative on behalf of foster youth in our community.  We also have a local youth football team called Big Horn football that is utilizing the sport of football to teach and train leadership.

Youth Leadership Development through Big Horn Football program

  • Helping victims of human sex trafficking: Through our collaborations and partnerships with local non-profit organizations such as The Cup Cake Girls’. We are able to provide medical   care and practical help for these children and women who are being sexually exploited and or caught in the web of prostitution.                                                                                    
  • Global Care Projects:  Through our partnerships with various international organizations, we are helping to providing both medical and practical care for orphans, the poor and the oppressed in other countries around the world.  Some of our current medical care projects included countries like Haiti, Mozambique Africa, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Future plans  will include other countries that are in desperate need of medical care.

The vision reaches beyond our community and goes around the world

  • Road Map to Transformation: Through our medical and dental clinics there are patients who have needs that exceed a physical ailment and are in need of wellness in other areas of their life such as; emotional stability, mental health, restoration within the family relationships, and or financial struggles.  Helping patients find outside professional resources happens through our ‘Road map to Transformation’ strategy. We help connect patients to the right resources such as professional counseling that provides solutions for individuals, marriages and the families of our community to be restored and strengthened.

Care for the whole person

As a community leader, I have seen and dealt first hand with individuals, youth and families that have experience the ‘good, bad and the ugly’ of life’s journey.  As I have sought to add value to their lives through practical care and unconditional love, it gives me great joy to see these same individuals not only receive a hand up, but they in turn give back to others who have gone through some of the same challenges they themselves have gone through.

I believe that Las Vegas is a place that people from all over the world can truly find the light of hope from this great city.  We aim to mobilize individuals by bridging the gap between a real need to real caring volunteers, who can truly provide the practical help that will empower other peoples lives in a positive manner.  This will take teamwork to make this dream-work!

We are calling on the leaders of this community to partner with us and see the vision fulfilled of Helping Other People Everywhere.  Remember your kind donations of love are building an amazing future!!__donate

Here to serve,

Johnny Morales

Chief Executive Officer

Operation H.O.P.E. Inc. 



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