Champion for Change! Donate now

OPERATION H.O.P.E., INC Is excited about giving you an opportunity to donate on line by a simple point and click of this link!!__donate

Please take a moment to see how Operation H.O.P.E., (Helping Other People Everywhere) Inc. is impacting people on a weekly basis.

Today is an opportunity for you to become a ‘Champion for Change’ in the lives of individuals and families who have a real need.  Operation H.O.P.E., Inc is making it possible for you to partner with us as we provide the needed help through projects of compassion such as:

Hope Medical and Dental clinics 

Hope Medical & Dental Team at Homeless     event with UNLV Nursing students.

Hope for woman


                                             Hope for Youth

Football/Leadership Youth Program

Hope for International missions

   By a simple ‘click’ of this button

                                      see how your gift

                                                    is creating hope

                                                               in our community…!__donate


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