On this journey we call life THERE IS HOPE FOR EACH OF US!
Our organization is reaching out to thousands of people in our community because we care about the health and well-being of people. We believe that everyone has the opportunity to become a successful leader for themselves, their families and in society.

                           ROAD MAP TO TRANSFORMATION

Our plan for empowering the population that we serve (Homeless, low-income & uninsured) to wellness involves what we call ‘The Road Map to Transformation’.   This involves 5 distinct components of a person’s life such as:

1.  Spiritual

2.  Mind/Emotional

3.  Body

4. Financial

5.  Relational well being.  

Through this Road Map to Transformation philosophy,  Individuals and families who we help through our medical and dental clinics will also have an opportunity to be empowered through referral services such as professionally individual/family counseling, leadership training, life skills and job readiness training and much more.  We are already reaching out to our local schools providing leadership training to both middle and high school students through our Hope for youth department.   

Just recently while visiting at our medical clinics on East Sahara, I spoke with one of the patients who was a single mother who had a 12 year boy.  Even though she was at  the HOPE medical clinic for a personal physical problem after talking with her, I realized that there was more needs in her life concerning her son that was weighing on her heart and mind.  This was her request: “My son has Aspergers Syndrome, which includes Adhd, and learning disability. I believe he also has BiPolar disorder, but he has not been diagnosed with it. He does receive medicine. However he also needs behavior modification, therapy, and a new psychiatrist.  I admit I have waited awhile before getting any extra help, but we are in crisis mode now”.    Through our referral services and network with local professional counseling centers in Las Vegas, we were able to connect her with a specialized counseling center that could help with her specific and special needs.   

Stay tuned for more information about ‘The Road Map to Transformation’….



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