What an incredible 2013 for Operation H.O.P.E. Inc!

As we end 2013 and Operation H.O.P.E. Inc reflects and reviews on the positive impact of how our HOPE dream teams have ¬†made an impact in our community; We are truly GRATEFUL!!! ūüôā ¬†Through the amazing efforts and volunteer leadership of the H.O.P.E ¬†dream teams thousands upon thousands of lives have been truly touched and have been helped. ¬†H.O.P.E stands for HELPING OTHER PEOPLE EVERYWHERE and we are ¬†so excited and thankful that we are actually fulfilling the mission and vision of this amazing organization.

Photo: http://lasvegascitylife.com/sections/news/clinic-provides-free-medical-care-exchange-three-good-deeds.html#.UPOMiwF2pFc.facebook

Hope Volunteers like Rodilyn, Cyndee and Boniface make the hope dream possible:)

We are thankful for News 13 anchor Beth Fisher who has done such ¬†a wonderful job in helping to spread the good news of H.O.P.E all across Las Vegas, NV. including the recent news clip of how H.O.P.E is bringing sight to the blind!!! ūüôā Click on this link to view the news article:

¬†We are truly thankful for all the amazing volunteer healthcare professionals, patient advocates, hope ambassadors, board members, and many others who are working both on the front lines and behind the scenes to make this dream a reality for thousands of people in need in our community. ¬†WE LOVE YOU AND APPRECIATE YOU!!! ūüôā


Touched by Angels of HOPE!

Angels have been around for thousands of years and have been involved in our daily lives with out us sometimes realizing it.  Angels are not seen until they want to be seen and angels have a way of disguising themselves in many ways such as: An elderly person in need of a kind hug and a warm smile, a homeless beggar on the side of the rode or a simple stranger who asks you for simple directions.

Hope angelsHowever; If you want to see angels face to face and have a heart to heart encounter with them, simple walk into a place that may seem to be a place that is insignificant, un-glamorous, hard to find and is¬†in a poverty-stricken neighborhood. ¬†That’s right, it’s called HOPE Medical Clinic! Just come and see!

When you come into the hope clinic you will not be overwhelmed with satisfaction by the broken down shutters, the faded sign, the broken down couch nor the very tight space however; you will suddenly be filled with an incredible feeling of peace and unconditional love that makes you feel that you’re accepted, loved and cared for no matter who you are or what you have done or have not done. ¬†It is the place that is considered to be a little bit of heaven on earth!

Hope angls 2Our HOPE clinic is where you will find some of the most beautiful¬† angels¬†usually dressed in scrubs with a warm smile on their face and a glow in ¬†their eyes¬†that radiates from their compassionate hearts. ¬†¬†That’s right I’m talking about our compassionate professional health care workers, patient¬†advocates¬† nurses, dentists, assistants also known as HOPE ANGELS!!!

Hope angels 3

Are you ready to be an answer to a patient’s prayer? These are the patients who can not afford insurance nor pay the fee for a ¬†doctor’s visit, but instead; they may be suffering in silence with lots of pain, or may be¬†a person in need of medicine but can’t afford to pay for it. ¬† It could be a patient in need of insulin and needs assistance from our prescription assistant program to help get medicine for them at no cost!

Become one of the Hope Angels by volunteering just a few hours of your time per month just click on this picture and begin the process of joining our volunteer team of compassionate health care professionals who give hope one patient at a time:)



Beth Fisher

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV)¬†— There are thousands of people in Las Vegas who don’t have health insurance. But there is one place you can go for medical care that won’t take your money. Instead, patients pay with acts of kindness…. Recently Beth Fisher a local news report for Channel 13 Action News highlighted our clinic as something she has never experienced or every heard of ¬†before.

Operation-HOPE city life magazine picture

Dr. Elliot Shin and the entire Hope volunteer team are so excited about the thousands of patients who have been helped within the last 2 years and we are more excited about the thousands of patients who will be helped in the coming years.  Your love, prayers, volunteerism and financial support is what continues to drive this compassionate based organization.

The loving volunteer healthcare providers who give of their time and talent on a weekly basis is the life blood of what we do.  Each week letters from our pay it forward program continually flood our clinic giving the staff and volunteers a boost of encouragement by letting us know how this is truly making a difference one patient at a time.  Below is an example letter we recently received:

pay it forward picts

“My appointment at Operation Hope last month changed my life. I am so thankful for the medical care I received as well as being treated with kindness from the clinic staff. The one thing that was life changing to me was when the Dr. was explaining the ‚Äúpay it forward program‚ÄĚ and he mentioned that ‚Äúour lives are valuable‚ÄĚ! This really stuck with me, because for many years I have not taken care of myself‚Ķ i am very good about helping everyone around me, but for some reason, i just didn‚Äôt matter to me! The comment he made about our lives having value, really spoke to my heart. I see life and myself a little different now!”:)~ Hope Patient

Coming soon…YEAH!!! We are just about ready to open up our new renovated Hope clinic which will be our medical, dental and¬†specialty¬†clinic. ¬†Our goal of reaching our 40,000.00 budget needs for 2013 can be met by the loving donations of all those individuals and business who believe in this cause.

Hope Medical and Dental Clinic

Hope Medical and Dental Clinic

This year operation Operation H.O.P.E. Inc is participating in NEVADA’S BIG GIVE IN APRIL 2013.


Make the dream a reality by a simply click of love: http://www.razoo.com/story/Operation-Hope?fb_ref=ZXRYeDRYp



From the Operation H.O.P.E Inc family to yours we are wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013.  Another amazing year has come and gone.  We are so grateful for the opportunity through the loving hands of volunteer health care professionals, volunteer nurses, patient advocates, and with amazing partnerships such as; the Trinity Life Center, ICLV Wellness Center, the City Impact Center and many other local organizations in our community.

Hope Flyerfinal_page2_image5

Since the start of the HOPE medical and dental clinic in 2009, we have been able to help close to 5,000 patients who are low income, uninsured or homeless.  We are looking forward to another amazing year of growth and expansion of Helping Other People Everywhere.  We appreciate the impact that our subsidiary partners such as the Cup Cake Girls (www.thecupcakegirls.org) and the Bighorn Football program (www.bighornfootball.com) which is reaching and mentoring hundreds more of  youth and adults through hearts of love.

cup girls


We also want to thank one of our board member Rick O’Bringer for leading the way as he is flying across the skies as an Operation HOPE ambassador with medical care for orphans in Vietnam and Cambodia.   It’s a blessing to know that we are spreading the action of HOPE across the world.

operation hope mission

There are so many people that we really want to acknowledge for their labor of God’s love in the HOPE medical clinic such as Marilyn Peters our clinic manager who gives her heart, time and talent to ensure that things run smooth for all of our volunteer health care professionals as well lead our patient advocates who lovingly serve with their hearts of compassion and power of prayer.

Operation Hope PA

Thanks to Dr. Kalpana Reddy our medical director who has given countless of hours of her time, skill and love. ¬†We want to thank Jeff Brown who serves along with our HOPE clinic helping our patients who can’t pay for medication ¬†obtain free medication. ¬†We want to thank Dr. Todd Jackson, Dr. Aaron Amacher and their assistant Jason who are giving their time and skill to help with vision care. ¬†We thank Dr. Kristi Kaminsky and her¬†assistant¬†Leslie who give of their time and skill to provide foot care for the homeless.

hope medical clinic team

We also thank Dr. Samuel Wise whose generous donation of office equipment, medical  equipment, supplies, computers, furniture and much more helped to equip our new hope medical and dental clinic.  We are in need of financial donations in order for us to move forward to open our new clinic. We will be able to increase our service as an urgent care, specialty care and as a dental clinic. Currently our goal is to raise a minimum of  42,000.00 which will allow us to operate our new clinic for the next 12 months. Currently our volunteer health care professionals have given back to the community by providing their services at no cost which would total at more than 500,000 dollars worth of their skills, time and services.

Hope Medical and Dental Clinic

The New Hope Medical, Specialty and Dental Clinic

Hope clinic 8

Hope clinic 13

Hope Clinic 3

Hope clinic room

We would love to have you apart of this dream team and help lead the way for making a difference in the lives so many hurting youth and families.   We Love you and appreciate each one of you and we pray for you to have an amazing, blessed and prosperous new year 2013. On behalf of Dr. Elliot Shin and the board of directors we wish you a HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!

Here is our new released video for the amazing work that is going on through our HOPE medical and dental clinic.  Please share this with friends and those who would be interested in joining our dream team of volunteer health care professionals or who would want to financially support this great cause in the new year 2013.  Watch the video by Clicking on the below picture link.

Dr. Elliot Shin (MD) Founder and President



Become a Champion for Change by becoming one of our Hope Heroes

Hope Flyerfinal_page2


Johnny Morales



TEAM-Together Everyone Achieves More:)

We want to highlight some of the most compassionate and powerful volunteer Patient Advocates who are helping to bring such great heavenly inspiration to our hope patients.  Our Patient Advocates continue to serve in a humble capacity with our clinic making a positive impact on our patients.   They serve at the Hope clinic on weekly basis bringing that needed comfort and support and simple prayer for hope patients.

Deborah,                               Victoria               Marilyn                    Jan

When patients walk into our clinic they will be greeted by a smiling volunteer who are sincerely glad to see them.    Our patient advocates will talk with our hope patients as well as be a person who will listen to their story.  Many times patients come into our clinics with more than a physical need.  Other needs include financial, emotional, parental, counseling or even spiritual needs that arise.

Our patient advocates can help to direct patients to the right resources that are in the community but are unknown to our patients.  We recently had a single mother who came to visit our clinic for a physical need, but in the process of talking and listening to this patient there was need for family counseling.  We were able to direct her to the right counseling center that was able to schedule an appointment for her to receive help for a need beyond a medical need.

Being a team player along with other community organizations is the key for helping people in all areas of their life. ¬†There are many¬†organizations¬†in our communities such as the City Impact Center that are helping in¬†practical¬†ways such as feeding the poor or providing after school care for inner city children however, there are many times when patients are unaware or don’t know were to get help. ¬†Our Patient Advocates also serve as a liaison¬†helping to link patients with the right resource solution for their specific needs. ¬†This fits in line with our vision in providing a comprehensive¬†road map¬†to transformation wholeness for our patients. (See our link¬†https://operationhopeinc.wordpress.com/road-map-to-transformation/)

More stories to come…..

HOPE Moving Forward!

Operation H.O.P.E., Inc continues to reach out and help those in need of medical and dental services.  These are the individuals and families of our community who are low income, uninsured and or homeless.  This is a total labor of love as we have compassionate volunteer health care professionals who are giving hope, one patient at a time.  Recently CEO Johnny Morales was able to talk with Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman about Operation H.O.P.E., Inc. as she would like to collaborate with our organization.

We have served over 3,000 patients in our medical and dental clinics just within the last 1 and 1/2 years.  We have expanded our HOPE medical clinics to 3 days a week and will be opening our 3rd medical, dental and specialty clinic very soon.  We have made some great new friends from the Clark County Medical Society www.clarkcountymedical.org/ and are excited about working with them along with many other organizations in our community.

We have recently received a donation of waiting room chairs (see below picture) for our East Sahara Hope Clinic location which was a real blessing. ¬†Thank you to Rick O’bringer for helping to facilitate this:)

We are excited about our newest addition to our HOPE family called Bighorn Football. ¬†We have an entire youth football team led by coach Michael Bell that is reaching out to the inner city youth providing¬†mentor-ship¬†opportunities through the sport of football. ¬†We have recently started the first of it’s kind sports leadership program that is empowering youth 13-14 years with leadership training. ¬†Operation H.O.P.E. Inc CEO Johnny Morales and the Bighorn Football Director Mike Bell is excited about starting our first Leadership Training for youth in Sports program called “I Am Champion.”¬†
Check out the team at www.bighornfootball.com

We have some amazing guest speakers, coaches and influential community leaders who will be helping youth to be champion leaders on and off the field. If you would like to donate to this amazing leadership academy please click on this link and donate:http://www.operationhopeinc.com/#!__donate

Stay tuned more updates coming…..

HOPE News and Updates!

We have some really exciting news and updates on the progress of Operation H.O.P.E., Inc. Since the birth of this amazing organization in 2009 we have had the  opportunity for reaching thousands of individual lives through the different unique projects that focuses on loving and helping  hurting youth, adults and families in our community.

Hope medical and dental dream team

One of our main projects has been our HOPE Medical & Dental Clinics which provides health care services for the low-income, uninsured and homeless population in our community. ¬†Dr. Elliot Shin (M.D.) founder of Operation H.O.P.E., Inc. has led the charge for the medical community recruiting compassionate volunteer health care professionals for this unique and much-needed service in our community.¬†Below are pictures of our compassionate professional health care volunteers in action: Dr. Todd Jackson Leading the way for Nevada’s first ‘no cost” Hope Ophthalmology Clinic for the homeless, low-income and uninsured.

Dr. Todd Jackson Hope Ophthalmology service

Since the¬†beginning¬†of our Hope Medical and Dental Clinics we have served over 3,000 patients. ¬†There are thousands of people in our community who are in-need of medical/dental care but simply can not afford it. ¬†Many suffer with physical pain for long periods of time simply because they don’t have insurance and can not afford a basic doctor’s visit.

Current Hope Medical Clinic

Nevada’s first Hope Podiatry clinic for the homeless

This has been possible because of the incredible and compassionate volunteer board certified medical health professionals, nurses, patient advocates and loving assistance who have given of their time, talent and skill to help those in real need. ¬†The “pay-it-forward” letters that patients write and send back to us, keeps us encouraged and reminded of how these services are really changing lives for the better.

Hope Medical Clinic operated by compassionate health care volunteers

Pay it forward stories of patients who have been changed.

We are working on finishing our new medical and dental clinic facility that will be the first of its kind in Nevada to have a no cost medical clinic that provides medical, dental, and¬†specialty medical¬†care all under the same roof and facility. ¬†Currently we have Nevada’s first Homeless “no-cost” Podiatry Clinic,¬†Ophthalmology¬†clinic, OB/GYN,¬†Cardiology,¬†Endocrinology, Dental, and General medical care services.¬†We are about 30 days from completing this project!¬†We would love for you to be apart of this dream by your kind and generous financial gift. ¬†You can also invest in this dream by supporting us with a monthly financial gift of 20.00 per month. ¬†You can click on this link to give on-line simple and safely. ¬†http://www.operationhopeinc.com/#!__donate

Below are pictures of the new clinic make over ūüôā

Stay tuned for some more exciting HOPE updates and news!!!!


We are excited about the¬†renovation¬†of our new HOPE medical and dental clinic that is almost completed. ¬†This has been many months in the making and we are so thankful for the kind donations of volunteer workers and donors who have helped this project become a reality. ¬†I’ve included some pictures of the outside of the clinic.

Hope Medical and Dental Clinic

We have put together a list of items that will be needed to equip our new and existing clinics:

  • Matching office furniture for the waiting room and reception area. ¬†Office files, patient room chairs, exam room stools, & dental stools
  • Office computers, phones, files, and book shelf.
  • Dental¬†hand-piece equipment, dental patient¬†chairs, digital imaging equipment, dental¬†vacuum¬†pumps, compressors, dental operatories, autoclaves and sterilizers, dental lab equipment, office management systems, film¬†processors, dental lights, and any other dental equipment and supplies.
  • Medical equipment to include: Diagnostic equipment, testing equipment, Blood pressure devices/supplies, Ultra sound, Wound care¬†Items such as;¬†Gloves (sterile & clean),¬†First aid antibiotic ointment,¬†Sterile and non-sterile gauze,¬†Gauze rolls (kerlix),¬†Band-Aids (all sizes),¬†Sterile Q-tips,¬†Hydrogen Peroxide,¬†Betadine solution,¬†Ortho / Rehabilitation Items such as;¬†Elastic ace bandage in 3‚ÄĚor 4‚ÄĚ width,¬†Braces for back, knee, ankle, wrist, elbow, and shoulder slings,¬†Splints (extremity),¬†Crutches (child and adult),¬†Moleskin,¬†Thermometers (oral, tympanic and rectal),¬†Miscellaneous¬†Hand sanitizer / wipes,¬†Carbineer clips,¬†Drug resource medical book,¬†Disposable cloths for cleaning,¬†Duct tape,¬†Oral care kits,¬†Medication scored /spoon dispensers,¬†Med cups (30ml‚Äôs),¬†Plastic medication pill bags 2√ó3 & 3√ó5,¬†Tape measures,¬†Pen lights,¬†Ear wax removal kit,¬†Tongue depressors,¬†Batteries (all sizes),¬†Alcohol prep pads,¬†Baby wipes (unscented preferred),¬†Plastic zip-lock bags (quart &gallon),¬†¬†Clip boards (10),¬†Small head lights /portable lights/flash lights,¬†Kleenex (small packs),¬†Diapers (infant and adult),¬†Mosquito nets,¬†Blank labels,¬†Small bars of soap,¬†Flip flop sandals (all sizes),¬†Water purifiers (portable bottle filers),¬†Tooth brushes / tooth paste /floss, ¬†Disposable hot & cold packs,¬†Large plastic tarps,¬†Stickers for children,¬†Plastic pans for procedure use, Large and small trash bags.

Please click on this link to donate online: http://www.operationhopeinc.com/#!__donate

If you know of other medical and dental facilities willing to donate some of these items please feel free to contact us at info@operationhopeinc.com or call our main line at 702-952-9564.

More updates coming soon…..



HOPE Medical Clinic brought to you by Operation H.O.P.E., Inc.  is excited to announce to you of the opening of our new podiatry (foot) clinic specifically geared for the homeless.  Thanks to the love and compassion of  Dr.Krsisti Kaminsky, DPM Podiatrist!

Dr.Krsisti Kaminsky, DPM Podiatrist

¬†This specialty podiatry (foot) clinic is for the homeless only and will be open once a month starting on March 31, 2012 from 8am to 12pm. It will be held at our Hope clinic at 970 E. Sahara Las Vegas, NV 89104. ¬†Stay¬†tuned in¬†for some more info, updates and pictures… ¬†

Million dollar dreams in the making!!!

When you have a dream of helping millions of people with a simple solution called love and practical service, you can for sure count on millions of dollars to follow behind you to see that the dream is accomplished. ¬†This is exactly what Operation H.O.P.E, Inc is now experiencing and it can be simply described as a ‘WOW’ moment in the history books of our organization. ¬†It’s beautiful people like Alden Crowley founder of Another Joy Foundation who come along side those serving in the community with a huge bucket of water to bring a refreshing touch to help you continue you on in the journey of helping others. ¬†Well this huge bucket of ‘water’ called medical supplies and medicine worth approximately 18 million dollars arrived early Monday morning on February 28, 2011! ¬†Here are some of the pictures of us unloading the medicines and medical supplies.

Picture from left to right; Johnny Morales, Dr.Elliot Shin, Alden Crowley, Kylie and Naomi Crowley.